SIXTH HOUR: The Wrongful Conviction of Brendan Dassey

The Innocent: The Intentional Conviction of Jason Baldwin

July 26, 2021

“Taking the Alford Plea hurt my soul more than being found guilty in 1994 did," shares Jason Baldwin, a man who is so much more than a member of the West Memphis 3. “When they forced me to take the Alford Plea something in me broke…”

The presumption of innocence and guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is seemingly reserved for a select few. For many flowing through the US system of [in]justice particularly children like 16-year-old Jason Baldwin and 16-year-old Brendan Dassey, the presumption of innocence is nothing more than a fallacy, a notion of intent not delivered. Contending with forces that conspire to convict, targeted by unmerciful prosecutors and defended by bad state actors - the truth of their innocence becomes a casualty of chaos.

Jason Baldwin joins me on the Sixth Hour to discuss his life pre and post-the-lived and survived experience of his wrongful conviction, Brendan Dassey, and his role as co-founder of innocence org Proclaim Justice.





Music reproduced with permission.

Song: Bad Man

Artist: Sarah and the Underground

Writer: Sarah Marie Dillard


“One of the first songs written after 'Making a Murderer' was released, 'Bad Man' by Sarah & The Underground is an unofficial anthem of the fight to free Brendan Dassey." - Steven Drizin, Legal Defense for Brendan Dassey

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